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Transforming How Students Learn and Instructors Teach

Navigate brings learning to life by combining authoritative content with loads of student resources and study tools such as practice activities and assessments, study planning and remediation. Navigate empowers faculty and students with easy-to-use web-based curriculum solutions that optimize student success, identify retention risks, and improve completion rates. Through best practices in instructional design, Navigate uniquely focuses on developing a student’s cognitive intelligence and the practical skills needed for success in the 21st century workforce.


Navigate is a fully hosted and supported online learning solution delivered in the Moodle™ Course Delivery System. Navigate component modules can also be configured for locally hosted learning management systems such as Blackboard, Desire2Learn, and others. Check out the full suite of Navigate Products Available for Nursing.

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Navigate eFolio

Navigate eFolio is an exciting alternative for instructors and students looking for a more interactive learning experience than a print textbook provides. Navigate eFolio combines an interactive ebook, study tools and course management tools.

Navigate Scenario

Navigate Scenario is a virtual, immersive learning simulation tool which provides students a day-in-the-life experience across a variety of nursing and healthcare professions.

Navigate Test Prep

Navigate TestPrep helps students prepare for state or national certification examinations by offering online case-based questions, detailed rationales, and robust reporting.

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