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Preparing Students and Professionals for an Advanced Role in Healthcare

Nurses have become the first line of defense in the modern world of medicine. The field of Nursing is the fastest growing profession and with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act of 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the number of jobs in the nursing profession to increase by 22% within the next 10 years. With this surge in demand for nursing, the need for higher education in the profession is also rising: by 2020, the American Nurses Credentialing Center will require 80% of nurses to have a Baccalaureate in the Science of Nursing (BSN) in order for an institution to receive Magnet Designation. Similar demands in healthcare driven by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) have created the need for the Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree and the Clinical Nurse Leader role, in an effort to prioritize the importance of up-to-date practice expertise and administrative excellence.


Jones & Bartlett Learning has been the prominent thought leader in nursing education for decades and continues to drive nursing education through a diverse array of learning solutions including online courses, digital products, and traditional print media, to effectively educate today’s nursing student for their critical role in providing advanced patient care.

Online Curriculum

The Registered Nurse to Baccalaureate in the Science of Nursing program will equip nurses to meet and exceed standards in a quickly growing field



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Online Curriculum

Jones & Bartlett Learning offers the only online DNP curriculum featuring a suite of 12 instructionally designed courses with accompanying texts.



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Clinical Nurse

The Clinical Nurse Leader role provides vital administrative leadership and support to hospitals and Jones & Bartlett Learning offers leading content for this advanced practice curriculum

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A virtual learning tool offering the learner ‘a day-in-the-life’ career experience

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Certification Prep

We offer a variety of professional certification review guides across a variety of specialties

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